My Lips But Bolder, The New MLBB

New nude volume lipstick that adds volume to the lips naturally and offers sheer colors

Creates a bold and sensual voluptuous look of the lips with their natural beauty enhanced

Innovative plumping matte-finish lipstick

Innovative matte-finish plumping lipstick with new Water-Drop Core™ technology that successfully stabilizes plumping ingredients that were previously understood to be stabilized in water only.

The color pigment lightly spreads as though it is being smudged over the lips and at the same time, works synergistically with menthoxypropanediol to fill wrinkles on the lips for a naturally plumped look.

Combination of sensual sexy colors and a stylish chic look

Color play of SPICY NUDE VOLUME MATTE for stylish chic and stylish pastel fashionable looks

Combination of natural yet sexy sensual colors, drawing inspiration from spices

How To Use

- Apply 2-3 times like applying a lipstick as usual to add extra volume.

- Use SENSUAL SPICY NUDE VOLUME MATTE alone without any brush to experience its special soft touch over the lips.

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